How can an elderly tackle depression and get out of loneliness?

    ‘Old age’ considered as the least desirable phase of the life cycle and is characterized by
    financial, health, social and other problems. Studies say that about 60% of the people over 65 years in community have signs of depression.
    This common emotional disorder in the elderly population is mostly caused due to loneliness, which is often overlooked by health care professional and family members.

    Realization of Loneliness:
    The body and mind do not respond the way it used to, which suddenly brings about the realization – we have grown old and the heydays of life are gone. People retire from work, children move out and loneliness often leads to depressive mood.

    The first step to tackle the problem – Attitude!
    Attitude is a crucial determinant of whether such a low mood would stay for long. Retirement should always be from work and not from life.

    The second step to tackle the problem – Initiative
    Follow your passion! Take up any job or an unfinished work
    If the job provides “Cash in Hand” and “Meeting People” – financial stability and gregariousness are the key drivers to tackle loneliness and depression. The internet and newer technology has opened avenues and several things are just a click away.

    The third step to taking an initiative – Reflect
    “Well you face problems throughout your life, don’t we?”
    Preparation and acceptance are two major factors for successful ageing. People who get prepared financially as well as maintain social ties and remain active are more likely to pass on their wisdom gained through ages. The ones who are aware of the challenges and accept the changes gracefully tend to extract the positive aspects from life. It is unquestionable that the younger generations need to support the elderly and hold their hands and stay connected. Yet, the elderly people can often surprise us with their resilience and elegance.

    Can We, Maity’s NestCare help you ?
    From ordering medicine to grocery to taxi, people do not need to go out of their homes. Often, elderly persons can enjoy the optimum distance with family members and thereby avoid unnecessary frictions while maximising happy moments. Grand-parents can regularly see their children and grand-children through video calls – which was beyond imagination of many 20 years ago.
    When there is convenience and a huge knowledge library at your hand, Why not use it to your advantage?
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