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Elderly Care Services

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When you need to look after an elderly on a Day-to-Day basis

Market fresh items delivered at your
Let us re-iterate 'Market Fresh' !

From common cold to oncology, when you need guidance or an expert opinion, we will connect you with the right doctor

Staying alone? Looking for a trusted electrician, plumber, AC servicing and others? Call Us

Our Innovation in Elderly Care

Exclusive Services

A full day guided tour service where we pick you up from your home and drop you safely. A fun filled day out with us

At this age, wounds are not physical.
You will have to experience our services to heal you from inside.

Planning to go for a hospital visit? not finding anyone to help you out? We are here to help

Can you make money at this age? Try us out

Subscription Plans

NestCare Membership

NestCare Membership entitles an elderly person to avail product delivery and service discounts of up to 15%. Additionally, Nestcare makes available exclusive services of community membership to engage a person throughout the day with like-minded people. It has a pick-up and drop service in a comfortable cab right from doorstep.

Medical Tour guide and Emergency support services are made available 24 x 7 for any elderly under the Nestcare Membership.

Nestcare Standard

₹ 25,000

Per Year

  • Priority Customer
  • Avail product discounts
  • Emergency Support Services
  • Medical Tour Guide

Nestcare Community

₹ 20,000

Per Year

  • Priority Customer
  • Additional services above Nestcare Standard*
  • Community Membership
  • Avail service discounts
Saurav Bhattacharya - CEO

Saurav Bhattacharya

Manoj Maity - MD

Manoj Maity

Managing Director

Nestcare Techserv Pvt. Ltd. operates under the brand name of ‘Maity's’ and provides an exhaustive range of home care services for your loved ones. From emergency response to post-hospital care or from 'market fresh' vegetables to finding an AC-repairing person – we provide an exhaustive list of services so that an elderly person does not have to move out of his/her home to avail any facility.

We are unlike a typical grocery delivery service where items gets sorted based on your luck! The vegetables we supply are absolutely 'fresh from the market'. We exactly know 'how to sort the best lady's finger or potatoes from the lot'!

We are also unlike any medicine delivery app where a requirement is fulfilled after 3 days if an elderly requires a medicine. The demand and supply curve is simple. ‘If you are ill, will YOU wait for 3 days for taking a medicine?’ The obvious answer is to get serviced by us within 12 hours or at the latest available slot. 

NestCare Techserv, operating under the brand name of Maity's, is on a mission to service 20,000+ elderly people in Kolkata by the second year of operations.

Nestcare also wishes to gradually move to other districts in West Bengal as we grow our service in the state.

Wish us the very best as we come up with these innovative elderly care services for your beloved parents or you.

If an elderly couple is staying alone, we take extra care about it.

The way you have been receiving services from your local electrician, plumber or domestic help for ages – the same stature of standardized services will be imparted with utmost professionalism.

Not a single item will get displaced or misplaced, neither will verbal harm be done.
Rest Assured. Period. 

Maity's list of services are given below:

- Elderly Essentials (Adult Diapers, Semi-surgical items, etc.)
- Grocery (Veg and Non-Veg items)
- Medicine (OTC and Rx)
- 24x7 Emergency Support Services
- Home-based Pathology Services
- Household Repair & Assistance
- Buy & Sell Hobby Marketplace
- Elderly Community Services
- Health Card Report
- Medical Tour Guides
- Tele Medicine
- Spirituality
- Cab Services
- Ambulance  

Elderly Care Services

We take care of any senior person in and around Kolkata from the comfort of your home.

We, Maity's Nestcare, provide an exhaustive range of CARE services for your loved ones. From emergency response to post-hospital care, from home supplies to home servicing – we will be there at your doorstep with a bouquet of services through Maity's Registered Partners, who are trustworthy. Share with us your medical or home care issues. Trust the rest with us! 

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch

NOTE We do not bother an elderly with typical marketing calls!

We need two basic fields - We just need your Name and Phone Number. We will call you and fix a time for a brief explanation. Bengali, English and Hindi are our preferred languages. Thanking you in advance.

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