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Shada Chul, Beautiful,
META Boom, Chronic Ghoom,
Lonely bhaab, Kaajta thaak
Ichhe Nei, Shotti Shei
Twisted society, full of anxiety!
Vermicidal, am feeling so ‘Idle’
Thakche Pyaar, Chor Naa Yaar!
Anxiety?, Have faith in All Mighty!
Service r Variety, Shonge Maity’s
Fresh Air , Shudhu Care!
In your chair, NestCare

Our story starts with the name NestCare!

Making an impact through the five service pillars for elderly - Medical Emergency, Health Monitoring, Safety & Security, Loneliness Issues, Free from Daily Livelihood hassles
For us, CAREing is the spirit of looking at things differently, values that drive NestCare
- Trying new things even when success is not guaranteed
- Not stepping on others to get ahead
- Thinking about the benefit of others just as you’d think about your own
This was the spirit on which Maity’s NestCare Techserv was founded in 2020. With the belief that a business cannot be about financial gain alone. It is about making a positive impact in the life of an elderly.
Maity’s services is all about Distinctive Care Giving for the elderly who suffer from loneliness, idleness, anxiety, immobility, and age-induced laziness.
With in-house capabilities of at-home services through technology and Indian value system, Maity’s as a brand is determined to serve 35,000 elderlies by end of this year.


- Founded by two serial entrepreneurs with rich experience in the service industry
- Working on pathbreaking use of VR technology in addressing Loneliness of Elderly
- 2 Years of Journey so far
- Well Funded by Investors
- Positive Reviews from Mainstream Media
- Fastest Organic Growth
Imagined in Bengal, Made for India and beyond.

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NOTE We do not bother an elderly with typical marketing calls!

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